I have an S7070r DishTV satbox with a 15GB USB stick to record programmes onto.

There is no other data on the stick so all 15GB is available to record.

I currently have 3 programmes recorded as follows:

Better Homes & Gardens (90mins)

Gardeners World (60mins)

Gardeners World (60mins)

The screen info says I've used 31.6% of available space, there is 51.48% reserved and 17.44% available.

What is reserved space?

I initially thought it was something to do with 'series link' anticipating the length of yet to recorded content, but as you can see the 3 programmes above are just one - offs, not series - linked.

I cannot find any info about 'reserved space' either in the user manual or elsewhere on this forum, so any guidance would be appreciated. yesterday i successfully upgraded to the latest firmware via USB so the sat box is up to date and OK in all other aspects.



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think they reserve space for timeshifting if its turned on in settings
you could turn it off and format the flash drive and see if it makes any difference there will be some system folders the reciever puts on flash drive not sure of exact space they take up being honest your better using a mains powered external hard drive or a much bigger flash drive

Hey Matt 

Reserved Space is allocated on your USB Hard drive after you confirm a series or single recording on the Freeview EPG, this is to ensure that the recording is guaranteed to work without any issues. If there is not enough required space depending on the length of the programme then the EPG will bounce back a error telling you to free up space. The receiver monitors series links and when the next show is on the EPG schedule then the allocation will be made so on. A singles  recording will be a one off allocation until the content is fully saved after being recorded. 

I hope this information helps, and thank you about the the lack of information this gives feedback back on our customer resources available online at www.dishtv.co.nz  

Kind Regards
Dish TV Online Support

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