Is anyone else experencing their S8200 not playing on demand programs since yesterday Tuesday 5 Nov. Bravo playback ok but any TVNZ programs start I.e shows the TVNZ logo and then it either sits like that or reboots itself.

Done the usual stuff you get told to do but alas still nothing helps.

My wife wrote to support and called but as usual passed the buck saying it was the satbox.

Used to get a better service when I lived in a 3rd world country than I do here in NZ.

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I have exactly the same problem with my S8200 since the 5th Nov. No matter how many times I reset the box. 

Please contact DISH TV to troubleshoot the devices settings, if the fault is replicate don other S8200 then the engineers can have a look and see if there can be a fix.  


Spoke to dishtv and it seems there is a problem with the S8200 playing TVNZ on-demand programs.

But if i'm correct in saying Freeview wont do anything about it until enough people complain to DishTV who then complains to Freeview.

So the circle of joy carries on.

I unplugged the S8200 this morning before I went to work. When I got home tonight I plugged it back into the power socket and everything works again. That's one hell of a long power-off reset it needed. 

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