I have a Dish TV A2 running Android TV and this suggests installing Kodi during the install.  This works well to play locate movies, but the time on Kodi is always 12 hours out.  It says the time is 3am instead of 3pm.  The date/time displayed on the A2 itself is fine and has an NZ time zone.

Has anyone seen/cracked this?

The kodi forums suggest using expert mode in Kodi and settings/regional to set the timeone, but the version of Kodi the A2 downloaded doesn't have any time zone settings. Disk TV support themselves doen't seem to be able to help, hence my question....

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Whops forgot - I posted the query here as the unit is branded freeeview

Hi David, 

No worries with that, In regards to your Kodi Time issue have a look on the Geekzone Forums for the technical aspect, the community there will be able to troubleshoot the Kodi Player issue with you. Unfortunately as Kodi isn't part of Freeview or supported. 



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