Hi folks,

I had been successfully using satellite Freeview using a DishTV set top satellite receiver (SatBox S7070r) connected to the TV by HDMI cable and all was well in the world.
Recently tried to incorporate a HDD DVD/Digital recorder (Panasonic DMR-XW390) into the mix but cannot get it to register a signal from the SatBox or recognise any channels.
I have the cable from the dish going to the LNB IN socket on the SatBox as before and a coaxial cable connecting the RF OUT socket on the SatBox to the RF-IN socket on the recorder. No signal is reported. There doesn't seem to be any other way to connect an input to the recorder other than RF IN; it's an older model.
Should I even expect this arrangement to work together? If I connect a HDMI cable directly from the SatBox to the TV everything is working as it should but how to get that signal passed into the recorder...?
Many thanks for any pointers...
- Rory

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Have you thought about using a Splitter Box on the cable from the Sat Dish , then feeding it to both the Sat Box and your recorder ? .

From my admittedly very limited knowledge about how this stuff works, I don’t think the recorder will handle a raw satellite signal? I think it’s expecting a terrestrial signal (which I presumed is coming from the RF OUT connection on the back of the SatBox). If I could just plug the cable from the dish into the recorder directly I wouldn’t need the SatBox at all; I understood the SatBox is necessary to decode the satellite signal first…

Looking again at your recorder you may need an Aerial to operate it for recording . Or if your recorder box has RCA input , then use the Sat Box RCA's which are outputs and plug them into the Recorders RCA's inputs and they may then do the recording for you . But remember to plug the cables in the right way going by the Colours in each slot .

As David alluded to in the last post, the Satbox unit is a Freeview satellite receiver which requires a satellite dish whereas the Panasonic DMR-XW390 is a Freeview terrestrial receiver which requires an UHF aerial. Wanaka doesn't have a terrestrial transmitter.

The RF-out from the Satbox will be an analogue signal and the Panasonic requires a digital signal.

Only way to connect them is with a RCA lead from the Satbox AV-Out to the Panasonic AV-In. Then use the remote 'Input Select' button to change from TV to AV. Connect both units to the tv with HDMI cables. You'll only be able to record the channel that the Satbox unit is currently tuned to (and must be turned on!)

Good luck

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