Update 10 Oct 2019:

Dish TV has released an "over the air" firmware update for the T2100 to fix the issue with On Demand content not loading.

Please keep your Dish TV T2100 box on STANDBY mode overnight to receive the update.  If prompted by the box, please select to accept / install updates.

Update 13 Sep 2019: Automatic firmware update for the T2100 is not yet available. However you can update your T2100 box now by downloading & installing its firmware update via a USB drive from the Dish TV site here (https://www.dishtv.co.nz/downloads).  Please refer to instructions on the Dish TV site and select DishTV_T2100-Firmware-V1.42.usb to download to your USB drive.  

11 Sep 2019: Firmware update has been released for Dish TV boxes s8100 and s8300. Updates to follow for the T2100 boxes.

9 Sep 2019:  Some Dish TV boxes are unable to load on demand content within a reasonable amount of time (some taking 12 to 15mins to load, or not at all).  Investigations so far has confirmed that the fault is not due to any Freeview platform update. 

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