Hello world!

I am hoping there is more installers on here to help with a stupid problem..

I have a commercial client that runs 6x sky boxes and 6 x freeview boxes (ST7070 from dish-tv)these boxes all run on a bank of RF modulators (dish tv rack mount) 

the issue comes in that the dish tv boxes just don't last, contacting freeview about commercial installations. Got given three phone numbers for suppliers and 2 of those numbers didn't exist any more and the third didn't care to even discus supplying parts.

Recording is not a requirement, and fitting a freeview box into every room is not a option as well.

what we are looking for is either a freeview box that can output more than one channel at a time or a commercial rated box that can actually handle running in a data cabinet for long periods of time.

(Surely some one will ask. yes all this gear is running on good quality surge arrestors and has a decent power supply. cabinet is also well ventilated.) 

thanks in advance, Iggy.

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