Yes, most apartment complexes have a TV reception system (MATV system) that feeds your apartment as well as others in the same building. 

Most multi-unit dwellings or apartments have antenna wall sockets where you can connect your TV, set top box or recorder.

If you already have an existing TV with Freeview, try connecting it to the antenna feed and tune in the channels.  Most TVs with Freeview work with UHF aerials, so if you have a UHF feed, then the TV will tune in all the Freeview channels and you’re away!

If that doesn’t work, the feed coming into your apartment is likely a satellite feed.  In this case, you’ll need a satellite box or a satellite recorder to tune in Freeview. 

It’s best to check with your building manager or landlord to confirm if the feed into your apartment is a UHF aerial feed or a satellite feed.   If the building manager or landlord is unable to confirm, opt for a dual tuner TV with Freeview (which works with both UHF and satellite feeds).

Check with your body corporate, building manager or landlord to contact an installer who can advise on the equipment and installation options if your apartment doesn’t have any antenna wall sockets.

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