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These instructions assume that you are experienced with changing the system settings of this receiver and the 3 channels were working correctly on your receiver prior to the change of transponder frequency to 12519 on 24th of May 2016.    If you have since re-scanned, these instructions won’t work.

  1.  Menu > System Configuration > Edit TP

  2. Change the TP frequency of the last 3 entries to 12519 (i.e. they were: 12644, 12707 & 12644 respectively)
  3. Menu > Channel Manager > Edit Channel

  4. Edit the PID table to the new settings as follows:

    9 Four Plus 1, Audio 1114, Video 1014, PCR 8184
    10 Prime, Audio 1113, Video 1013, PCR 8183
    11 The Edge TV, Audio 1115, Video 1015, PCR 8185

Exit back to normal TV and check that the 3 channels are working correctly (there will be no longer be a moving banner advising of the changes)


See Network Status page for updates.

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