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Here to Help! 
We will be online to help with anything about Freeview, troubleshooting and advise throughout the COVID-19 Level 4 Lockdown. Please note, Installers and most Freeview accredited retailers will be shut down during the lock down.  Stay Safe! 

Transmission & Broadcasts

COVID-19 May Impact Normal Programming

Please be aware that some sport and television programming that are held on various channels may be affected by the current COVID-19 Outbreak. If you need further details please contact the relevant broadcaster or check the FREEVIEW GUIDE for changes.
  Please also be aware that due to the ongoing situation the broadcaster may break into programming at any time to deliver updates or Government Announcements on the COVID-19 response in New Zealand. 

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV and Māori Television will start education programme broadcasting for early learners and students (Years 1–10) from 9am on Wednesday 15 April.

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV will be shown, free to air, on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502. It will run from 9am to 3pm on schooldays with programming for children and young people aged 0 to 15, as well as for parents. Home Learning TV will initially be on air for one month – with provision to extend beyond that depending on the lockdown situation.