PRIME has your free-to-air coverage of the Cricket World Cup on Freeview Channel 10, find out coverage details right here!


This year New Zealand has the privilege of joining forces with Australia to host the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup and Prime TV can’t wait to bring you free-to-air coverage of what is sure to be a fantastic couple of weeks!

On Saturday the 14th join us LIVE as Sri Lanka and the Black Caps go head to head from 10.30am.

Going forward from there keep an eye on your EPG (electronic programme guide) for the latest information on when our special Black Caps highlights packages will air and, don’t worry, when it comes to semi-finals and the final, if the Black Caps are there Prime will be there too, making sure that you don’t miss a moment of the action!

The full detailed coverage guide for PRIME can be found right here:

Source: Prime TV New Zealand (Facebook) :

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Just 3 live games out of 49? what a complete and utter joke. Totally as expected! The media needs to give them a good kicking over this. They don't deserve the publicity here either.

Perhaps the live games will be on IS19 unencrypted for dvbs2 receivers to pick up?

checked D1 and IS-19 not a thing on eather dvb-s or s2

There are encrypted game feeds on IS19 KU band noted when FTA the other day a multi camera view feed.


IS-19Ku, 12515V, 10907sr, "Manuka world

"Manuka Hindi" on IS-19Ku, 12529V, 7500sr


hi nz dtv please can you give us the other perimeters dvbs or s2 feg rate haveing trouble finding them  thanks

Details were as given, yes they are DVB S2 you won't get them on a small unoptimized dish unless the lnbf skew is perfect. Also they are encrypted so not much point.




Damn encryption!!

there is a 12484 v 1111 on all the time probably data signal

when 12526 h drops in signal you may find cricket feeds on vertical but will almost guarantee scrambled

Biss encryption, if you could call it that.

I found this web site last Friday and it comes out of England  and if you have problems just click on one of the other channel numbers

Yes there is dozens of online sources to watch it. The point still is PRIME is keeping a major amount of the cricket world cup off screen to benefit SKY.

Never in a million years would they be allowed to get away with it if it was the Rugby

who wants to watch an hours highlights at midnight..!





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