Can I use my VCR for recording and playback with digital freeview in future (after digital switch-over)?

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Hi Ian,

Yes, you will still be able to use your VCR for recording and playback, but how you do that depends on what sort of Freeview setup you have.

If you have a basic Freeview satellite receiver connected up to a dish on the roof, then you can connect an A/V cable from the receiver to your VCR and record whatever channel the receiver is on. - (the same channel your watching)

If you have a basic Freeview HD Terrestrial receiver connected up to a UHF aerial, then you'll do the same as above and record the channel that the receiver is on. - (same as you're watching).

But if you have one of the new HD digital TVs with Freeview built into it, you will have to buy a basic Freeview HD  terrestrial receiver as well, which you will connect up to your VCR. Then you will continue watching whatever channel you want on the TV, and record a different channel on your VCR at the same time.

In any of those three setups, playback will still be just the same as you do now.

Cheers,    Wild Bill.



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