Hi All,

Over the XMas break I had to reset my TV (Sony Bravia) to factory defaults and when it came back on I selected Australia as my country, purely out of curiosity to see what would happen, and I noticed something very cool. It found all the usual channels but instead of the Freeview guide I had the built in Sony guide which in my opinion is much better than the Freeview one. The only issue though is that because the time is set automatically based on country the times in the guide were all off by 3 hours.

So my question is, now that I've switched my country back to NZ does anyone know if there is a way to get my TV to use it's built in guide instead of the Freeview one?


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could you stick with the oz guide but alter the time offset?

Hi Tony

There is no method that I know to use the built-in EPG for  NZ selections of Freeview Built in TV's and it should stay that way, however others might have had some experimenting with this and could discuss their findings here.

And I didn't even know there was a built-in EPG. Nothing in my Sony's  iManual about it.

Usually New Zealand marketed TV's with Freeview Built-In don't mention built-in  EPG's, only the Freeview 8 Day Guide. This applies to both advertising and manuals, Built -In Guides usually vary depending on specifications of the network and country.

Unfortunately I can't as the option is greyed out and it says that the time is set automatically from the digital tuning. 

Neither did I until I changed the country. I have found a further issue though, besides the incorrect time. It seems that after a few days the guide stops updating and my channel order gets a little messed up. So I've now reset my TV back to New Zealand and back to the FreeView EPG.

These type of options are usually available through the internal service menus Usually accessed from a special button press combo on the remote.

However in the internal service menus its very easy to muck up your tv set. Advise against it.

A specialized home AV forum may have details on the internal service menus of your make & model of tv



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