I find I have to turn the box off at the wall to reboots set.
After fast forwarding or stopping recording the off button does not work.
What do the messages on front of box mean?
Looked in manual but no can find info
Freeview 8000 is what I have
Other than the above problem all is well

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What are the messages on front of box?

What is a Freeview 8000?

Sorry my mistake on the number should be Satelite S8200 Freeview
I can not make sense of the messages. On front of box Is there an explanation in manual which I have down loaded and saved On reading through I can not find it
Can you put me right on the remote not shutting down or turning off the box other than turning it off at the wall and it boots up correctly but this is not satisfactory really
What am I doing wrong other than turning it off at the wall
It seems to behave this way when I have FF or used stop


Could be something corrupted somewhere. Factory reset might help.

What messages are you getting?

Also check the batteries in the Remote are OK.

I often wonder why people turn their units off. I leave mine such as  my Sky Box and Panasonic Recorder running 24/7. All I turn off is the TV. I've  never had any problems and don't have to wait for them to boot up.

Me thinks you are rather arrogant I have two iPads, three tower computers,and a lap top also chromecast plus fresh batteries.
Did you read all of my inquiry ?
And yes I do leave them all on and charging every night
But Freeview is not working

Yes I read your enquiry. You said it won't turn off so you obviously want to turn it off.

You still haven't said what the messages say.

Without full info it's impossible to try and diagnose a problem.

If you want help then provide full information on the problem.

Otherwise don't bother asking.

I'm not being arrogant, maybe a little sarcastic, but just trying to elucidate more info.

Maybe someone else can help.


P.S. I'll see your 3 Tower PCs and raise you one plus a Media Player.

Please do not contact me again
I would rather talk to a real technician than you. I deafinately told you the box message could not be understood as it was ' scrambled' in laymans terms unreadable please consider yourself incompetent as well as arrogant.
Kind regards ( that is sarcasm as I don't think you know the meaning of the word either.
Printing this off to keep a record for your entertainment ( more sarcasm )

Good Morning Derek

Thanks for contacting us via Freeview Forum, to start things off on a side note Biggles have been a huge help here on the platform and has played a massive role in aiding viewers to resolutions, however I will leave that conversation between yourselves.

A new manual is due to be released which will explain what the funny LED displays mean, as this has been mentioned a few times in the past, so will get onto that straight away. Have you had a look to see if the satBox S8200 has been updated to the latest version, the latest is the 29th Jan and you can check for updates via Menu > Software Upgrade as we are having no issues with other customers regarding this with this unit.

I will look into this with the team and see if there are any developments or reports not seen by me about the unit.

I hope this helped, regards
Dish TV Online Support

Thank you for your courtoous reply.
I shall look at the update section in the menu
Regards Derek Treeby

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