It's been a long time since my last post on freeviewforum.co.nz, but I have some important news.

MediaWorks TV announced earlier today that, due to a lack of profitability, ThreeLife will cease broadcasting on 26 March.

By popular demand, The Edge TV will return to New Zealand screens on Freeview channel 11 (both UHF and satellite) from that date onwards. Until this time, The Edge TV is currently streaming in HD and available only on ThreeNowrova and theedge.co.nz.

A new channel, The Breeze TV, will begin transmission in April and replace ThreeLife +1 on Freeview channel 14 (UHF only).

As described by MediaWorks, The Edge TV is an extension of The Edge radio station and targeted towards all people aged 18-39 providing a traditional music channel offering viewers clip based music television. Catering to a mainstream audience The Edge TV will offer a Top 40 playlist.

The Breeze TV will be an extension of The Breeze radio station and deliver a mixture of the best music videos from The Breeze's playlist. Unlike The Edge TV, The Breeze TV will be targeted at women aged 35-59 with a particular focus on classic music videos.

MediaWorks TV, which currently operates ThreeLife as an extension of the Three brand, says: "ThreeLife was a great channel and we are proud of the fans it found in a fragmented market.

"However, ultimately it didn't find the audience we'd hoped for relative to its cost base and our priority is to continue to support and promote Three as a market leader on free to air TV."

A number of programmes previously (or soon to be previously) screened on ThreeLife - including Millionaire Hot SeatBondi RescueMasterChef UKRestoration Man, and Better Homes and Gardens to name just a few - will be shown on Three and ThreeNow when it ceases transmission next month.

RECAP: The Edge TV will replace ThreeLife on channel 11 (UHF/satellite) from 26 March, with The Breeze TV replacing ThreeLife +1 on channel 14 (UHF only) from April (TBC). 

That's all for now.

From Patrick Te Pou

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Hi Patrick, 

Thanks for your input, more details closer to the time. 


You're more than welcome, as always!

Josh ✔️ said:

Hi Patrick, 

Thanks for your input, more details closer to the time. 


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