We have 4 bouquets for the terrestrial service here in Nelson.

8 TV and 2 Radio channels are broadcast from the Grampians by Mainland TV and then the other 3 National bouquets are received from Botanical Ridge (700m away as the fly crows).

Today, whenever we change channels 1-16 (Mainland channels are numbered 800-809) we get a message to re-tune on every one of 7 different Samsung TVs because the broadcaster has changed DTV data.

Even after we re-tune, the message does not go away.

Is this something to do with the decision by CTV8 that there are not enough Chinese viewers in Nelson?

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Hi Amber House, Freeview is in contact with Samsung to look into this and why it's happening. Thanks for posting about this.

Bel said:

Freeview is in contact with Samsung to look into this and why it's happening.

It's stopped doing it today...

Yep it was fully resolved about 30mins ago so should be all good now - let us know if any other issues creep up. Thanks!


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