Hi All,

Anyone else having issues with the Freeview app that is on the dishtv smartVU device, since last week it doesnt work just has a black screen and a red loading ring. No picture on all channels. I have 2 of these devices and both the same.



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Hi David, 

That does not sound good! 

You may want to do a force reset on the device, you can do this by pushing a small button on the side of the Smart VU and hold it down, please be aware that this will wipe all set settings and you will need to go through the installation again, You can reach DISH TV via their website here: https://www.dishtv.co.nz/


Think you will find the WIFI has dropped. Just unplug the unit for a moment (from the power) then let is restart so it can re-connect. While I have had some issues I am generally happy with the unit and have done quite a few great things with it including streaming security cameras through it. 

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ALL PLATFORMS WORKING WELL, except a glitch with UHF transmission in Hawkes Bay affecting some JVC and VEON TVs.  See Network Status for more info and updates.

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