Every time we record a program we miss the end of it. We have set the settings to record for seven minuets after the time it is meant to finish.

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Hi Alan 

So with the extended record time you still get programmes cut off? Does this apply to all shows and channels? 


Yes it seems to be all channels.

Cheers Alan

7 mins should be more than ample time to allow for overruns. Are you sure the 7 min setting has saved correctly? How much of each recording are you missing?

That's what I thought 7 min should cover any delay. Its hard to know how much we are missing but if we have recorded the programe following then we have to go to that programe to see the end before the next program starts. Can you understand that.

I would think we miss a couple of min.

Yes. If you record consecutive programs that is normal due to timer overlap and a darned nuisance trying to record consecutive programs on one channel and another on a second channel that conflicts. For consecutive programs I always use timer record to avoid that problem.

It's very rare for a program to run more than about 5 mins over so I would double check you have all parameters set correctly and the clock shows correct time. I presume Freeview transmit the time signal on Satellite as they do on Terrestrial? There must be something incorrect somewhere in setup. I have my recorder (Panasonic) set to start 3 mins before and end 5 mins after. Never lost an ending yet.

The latest firmware for the  DishTV S7070R doubles up when recording consecutive programs in the same mux (group).

 It records the end of first program and starts recording the next program at the same time.

I assume the DishTV S7090PVR has the same function update ?

Latest firmware for the S7090PVR available here

Yes the time is set automatically by the satellite. I know TV1 is quite often running late but most other channels are more up to advertised time. I would have thought 5 min would be plenty.

I will download this and see if it helps.

Hi Alan

Could you please let us know if the latest firmware has helped the unit in terms of recording offsets. If the issue remains, let us know and we can investigate further.

Kind Regards

We missed the last bit of Masterchef  but two other programes we recorded were okay. I will take note and let you know. Mind you we have got it set for seven minutes.

Thanks for that, broadcasters are not always accurate with scheduled programmes and at times they can go overtime. unfortunately the broadcasters can't quickly update the EPG to allow extra time for recordings.


my non approved recorder is set for 5 minutes extra and very seldom miss the last bit of a programme

is the time on the unit accurate?

tvnz always run late tv2 especially, tv3  & prime more on time while choice can be +/- up to 10 min at times



EPG Issue-Timaru 23 NOV: Some Timaru customers are reporting missing EPG information and in turn can not record. This issue is being looked into (1.48pm).


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