Hi there,

This is a basic question and hopefully easily solved :) but I am needing to ask as I am a newbie to a SatBox that has the inbuilt recording feature, as we have recently purchased the Dish TV SatBox S8200 - and it is great ...

However, tonight when finding the starting point to play back  a recorded programme a symbol appeared in the top  right had corner - a red circle with a diagonal line through it that disappeared when playback began, what would this mean?

Many thanks,


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have you read the manual?

With DVD and BluRay that usually happens when you try to perform an operation while the promos and warnings are playing and means "operation not permitted at this point". Haven't seen it happen on a local recording on my Panasonic though. Is there not a list of symbols and meanings in the manual.

Hi Willis and Biggles,

Thanks for your replies, yes I have gone through the User Manual expecting a list of symbols and their meanings but couldn't find any ...

Biggles, this symbol appeared when we tried to fast forward. My sister now thinks she might of hit the wrong button, perhaps the Skip function.. Thus, asking the machine to, as you say, perform an operation that it wasn't able to do "at this point", and this would tie in with your suggestion. 

Many thanks :)

That sounds like a reasonable assumption. The "Skip" function is disabled on Freeview receivers. They obviously don't want you "skipping" the ads!! I just fast forward thru them or copy the file to PC and edit them out.

Many thanks Biggles,

Your suggestion has tied in together what we figured had happened with the buttons, and it is making perfect sense alongside the disabled "Skip" function on Freeview - it great to clear this up .



Thank you for raising this up, we are improving the manuals both PDF and built in iManuals and will definitely add a section on symbols as this is seen on other manuals for other products,

The Symbol you are seeing is known as Operation Invalid usually when a key is not in operation for what you are trying to do, usually a wrong key is pressed.

I hope the discussions from Biggles has helped you and we could clarify this.
Please let us know if you have any other questions about your brand new S8200

Kind Regards
Dish TV. Online Support

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