Can someone please tell me why when I set the TV up to record 4 programmes that they never recorded?? As they are a series I set it up to record all the series. Rather fraustrating as it's not the first time this has happened.

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Hi Jo, I know that you can record 2 programs while watching a third, but as to recording 4 ?

My stb tells me when I try to record more than 2  - this is why they call it a twin tuner.

I hope this explains why you cannot record more than 2 programs at once. BTW, I have no problems recording any amount of programs as long as the times don't clash



if the dvd recorder says that its "OK",after youve programmed them to record,then they should have done so.I also find that when you record a "Series",its ok,up untill Freeview ends that Series,then youre recorder stops recording it[I missed out on the last of Hawaii 5 0 because of that.Best way is to manually input the recording times,dont put a Date,just set it for every Monday,for example,instead of one Monday.That way it records the same program all the time.until the tv programmers change the time



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