On my Dish box I can record up to two programmes. However when one of these is Prime as soon as the second programme starts recording (either Prime of one of the other channels) TV3 and TV4, or TV1 and TV2 disappear (not both TVNZ and Media Works). This is not only me, several of my friends in the Marlborough and Nelson areas have the same problem. It only happens when Prime is one of the programmes being recorded. If I record TV1, TV2, TV3, TV4 or Choice TV I have no problem. Would appreciate any suggestions to stop this happening.

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It may be because Prime is on a separate mux all by itself on the Sky platform. Maybe your box can only record two channels if they on the same mux. What model box is it?

Hey Sue

The disappearing channels are normal when recording please see this handy post about what you are experiencing : http://freeviewforum.co.nz/forum/topics/myfreeview-why-do-some-chan...

I have no problem with recording, it's the programmes not being recorded which disappear. For instance I was recording Prime and TV1 but watching TV3. As soon as Prime started recording TV3 and TV4 went offline until the recordings had finished.

It may be normal but it's very annoying. It means that I can record two channels such as TV1 and Prime, but not watch TV3 at the same time. This isn't really acceptable. As someone else said I upgraded so I could record and watch at the same time.

It's just one major disadvantage of satellite Freeview vs UHF Freeview. Your satellite box with 2 tuners is doing exactly what it's designed to do.  If you want to watch a 3rd channel which is on a 3rd mux then you need another tuner. It's no different to a UHF recorder that can record two channels on different mux and you can't watch another channel on a 3rd mux. In that case though the advantage is you can watch the 3rd channel on the TV using it's inbuilt tuner. The only solution to your problem is to obtain a second satellite box (as little as $55 on Trademe) or upgrade to a TV with a built in satellite tuner.

Or lobby your MP to get Freeview UHF coverage extended to your area.

Thanks. We're about to move and upgrade to UHF as we now live in Nelson so this should sort out the problem.

could always try using the +1 channels

comes in handy when thers a major conflict in the timer list

My machine is satbox ultra s7090pv
When I set a recording on prime when it starts tvone goes off air and it is replaced by parliamen
And when I record tvone when it starts prime freezes I have tried scanning but nothing happens do you think there is a problem with my dish?
Biggles has your answer above. To overcome itvyoubwould need another Freeview device

Nothing wrong with your dish. It sounds like your box has only one tuner connected. Make sure the loop cable is correctly connected at the back. If you have only one tuner operaring then with recording in progress you can only watch what is being recorded or another channel on the same Mux. Prime and TV1 are on different Mux. If both tuners are working then you can watch a 3rd as long as it's on one of the Mux being recorded.

Read the Manual.

If you want to watch a 3rd channel on a different Mux then you need another STB or one with more than 2 tuners. The problem doesn't arise with UHF because you can record two channels on the STB and watch another on the TV. You could do the same if you upgraded to a new TV which has a satellite tuner as well as UHF, or get a second STB.

I have checked the manual and my loop cable looks ok LNB 1 out to LNB 2 in

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