I Have an Alkris ALK-FTA3 FreeView unit connected to my Panasonic TV. I am using Satellite Dish for our reception. We are on the West Coast of AKL.

For some reason, I cannot get the Prime EPG to update. Currently all that displays is the following 

Aug 24th 00:30- 06:00 and on the next line Jan 01 12:00 - 12:00. 

I have double checked all my Settings (For all the channels),and they seem to fine. 

Satellite  Optis D1

Freq        1259

Sym        22500

Pol          H

I can pick up all of the EPG data for the other 21 approx channels and that includes Prime +1

I thought about doing a Factoy Reset, but reading other Blogs on the subject it appears this will not work. The scan will not find the Prime Channel. Is the problem to do with the fact that Prime is  now run by SKY. We do not have a SKY setup, on the FreeView.

Any help on this issue would really be appreciated.

Regards Gary

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Unfortunately Alkris boxes are not supported by Freeview. 

Testing Prime on the satellite, the EPG is loading fine so might be something to do with your set top box,  

Kindest Regards.


Many Thanks for your prompt reply Josh ... really appreciated. 

One question then, do you know who tests and / or repairs Top Boxes?

Thanks again 


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