Hello folks,

We've had our SatBox S8200 for a couple of months and I am slowly working through what it does. Here is my recent thing ...

Last week when we turned the TV/SatBox on a Pop-up Box appeared inviting us to S/W uprade, when I selected yes to upgrade the Box went to Boot then returned the message that WiFi is inactive. This is puzzling for I have connected the Box to the WiFi router, and when the Box Boots up, when first turned on, an on screen message appears in the bottom right hand corner of the TV saying, WiFi Active.

So, to remove the Pop-up box I went into the SW upgrades from the Menu, and turned off the function that gets the Box to look for automatic upgrades, which stopped the Pop-up box appearing. But when I got up the next morning the SatBox was on with OND showing on the LED display. I turned the Box off, and it went to standby and then turned off. This happened twice on Thursday and Friday, but hasn't happened again.


Will I still be able to receive all upgrades if I can't access them via WiFi ?

Why would the Box not respond to the WiFi when I tried to upgrade, when it tells me that WiFi is Active ?

What is this, sometimes appearing, OND message in the mornings telling me and why is the Box be staying on because of this ? 

A little bit confused ...

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Good Morning Gwenyth

Thankyou for getting in touch with us,
To make software updates a lot easier to handle and to ensure that the box is always up to date we have allowed the unit to connect with our "OND Server" which stores all latest firmware releases so that the new generation of Dish TV products can actively select what's the latest. This happens every time you boot up but only when there is new software to download.

The WiFi inactive/active pop up alerts the user that the unit is in a process to tur on all features, you will get an inactive status before getting the active pop up icon and this is normal. To check if WiFi is working please press the Status button on the remote control, its located in the bottom section of the control, you will see an active network connection status on there.

Software updates are now standard to retrieve from the OND server via WiFi or Ethernet although we have made other options available to upgrade via the Freeview network or USB. although these methods are only if there are significant changes to the broadcast of channels or data and those without internet connections.

The OND Message shows because the S8200 searches for software at 4am in the morning.

You can adjust how the S8200 checks for software updates by doing the following:

  1. Go to Menu > Software Update > Schedule Updates
  2. To turn off searching automatically set the first option OFF and press the Green Button
  3. You can still search for software with this option off by manually looking for updates back in the Menu.  Menu > Software Update > Manual Update

If you require any further clarifying please let us know.

Kind Regards
Dish TV Online Support

What would the online update server address be for those wishing to setup a block or accept rule in their firewall?

Hi Dish TV,

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked that the WiFi is working by pushing the Status button and it shows as connected.

I have gone into the menu/schedule updates, and selected the OFF button so that the box does not search automatically for updates.

Then I went into Menu/software update/Manual Update and selected the option to search for updates via Network (I guess this means OND) because in the manual it suggests that I choose the OND option - which my menu does not provide, it only allows for USB / AIR or NETWORK. After searching it came back with no updates available at present. This is a little puzzling because last week it was telling me there was updates available ?? 

At the moment the SatBox is not showing OND when I get up in the morning, I am not sure if this is because I've changed the setting or because there are no updates available ??

Perhaps a little more clarity around this ...

Many thanks,


For New Zealand configured receivers it is ond.dishtv.co.nz

 All connections from the receiver to the server are via https

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