I see only 1 advertised from Noel Leeming and the warehouse but reviews don't look good so I am looking for a good box to stream Freeview in N Z to my tv



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Hi Shane

The SmartVU X is the only approved device that allows Freeview Streaming via the internet, we are looking to expand the device range after the new year. 

More info about the smartvu can be found here: https://freeviewnz.tv/stream-freeview/


Thanks so 1 concern I had was that it was wifi to router but it looks like this USB ethernet converter will allow a cabled connection is the right?

Availability: In Stock
USB Ethernet Adapter for SmartVU X

Correct, you will have to buy this separately from DISH TV 


Thanks just ordered unit and that adaptor hopefully here for Christmas  thanks for you help

Josh ✔️ said:

Correct, you will have to buy this separately from DISH TV 




EPG Issue-Timaru 23 NOV: Some Timaru customers are reporting missing EPG information and in turn can not record. This issue is being looked into (1.48pm).


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