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A couple notes  |  10 December 2015

Thanks everyone for posting details & sharing feedback.  A couple updates for you:

Freezing on Splash Screen (LG TVs with Magic Remotes)

To correct this, LG Support has supplied a solution:  use the UP/DOWN arrow keys on your remote to hide the pink cursor.  Then you can interact with the splash screen or with any other component in the FreeviewPlus application.

Mini Guide Auto Loading switched off

The auto-loading of the Mini Guide has now been switched off.

Some TVs may update immediately, others will do so overnight.

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It's happened yet again, and though I can't be sure I have a hunch it's related to wireless connectivity in some way.  As previously mentioned the first time this fault state occurred I found the wireless connection had actually been turned off completely.  I don't know why this also seems to disable most of the magic remotes functions either but I do know that running via cable these issues soon seem to resolve themselves.    

I'll disconnect the cable once again and see if the fault condition recurs.

(NB: we have 4 other devices using wireless LAN flawlessly).

Thanks Joshua and Bel.

We do love FV+. I guess it's just a matter of you getting the balance of newbies getting lots of helpful info in their face to feel they know what to do. but have the availability to turn them off for experienced users. 

It'd be great if in your FV+ settings area, there was a checklist of things to turn these things on or off. Then everyone would be happy. It's not the functionality we have an issue with, but rather having an option to choose what to see when.

Thanks again.

Sony Bravia Android TV still has the most irritating pop-up menu - I will unplug the TV later to see if that solves it. I would suggest Freeview Plus totally ruins my viewing, I dont need to know that shows are available every time I change the channel. A pop telling me about Freeview Plus comes up every time I change on the left side of the screen advertising 3 on Demand or TVNZ, please tell me there is also a way to stop that? If I knew a way of turning FV Plus off all together I would. If I need to watch something I'll find a way to do that, I really don't need intrusive pop ups on every channel change.

Actually - due to this annoyance I found a setting on the TV to disable Freeview all together. Yay! No more invasive pop-ups.

I got the opposite...for a change I wanted to access FV plus and on my Sony it wont come up at all. This new system is very slow amd sluggish too. Also my Panasonic Recorder has not updated yet.

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ALL PLATFORMS WORKING WELL, except a glitch with UHF transmission in Hawkes Bay affecting some JVC and VEON TVs.  See Network Status for more info and updates.

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