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A couple notes  |  10 December 2015

Thanks everyone for posting details & sharing feedback.  A couple updates for you:

Freezing on Splash Screen (LG TVs with Magic Remotes)

To correct this, LG Support has supplied a solution:  use the UP/DOWN arrow keys on your remote to hide the pink cursor.  Then you can interact with the splash screen or with any other component in the FreeviewPlus application.

Mini Guide Auto Loading switched off

The auto-loading of the Mini Guide has now been switched off.

Some TVs may update immediately, others will do so overnight.

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I have an LG 2015 smart TV. It has just updated the freeviewplus and now have an semi transparent box stuck in the centre of the screen, along with the guide popping up at every channel change which is sooooooo annoying. Apparently you can change this but I cannot for the life of me find an option to turn it off. I don't want freeviview plus let alone have it ruin my tv watching experience. How do I get rid of it? ARGH!
Hi Zeon,

We are currently aware of the transparent box on all FreeviewPlus brands and TVs and this should be fixed within the next 24 Hours,

The banner on every channel load is designed to replace the standard built in banner, you cant turn this off however you can adjust the duration the banner will stay on by pressing the red button while on the mini guide, press the right key until you react he hear icon, settings to change the timeout.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for commenting on this. Can you please confirm that an update will be rolled out to be able to turn the mini guide off? We really need a 'dont show' option as well as the different time outs. Its fine to set a default at 5s for when the software updates to people's tvs. however they should be able to turn this kind of thing off. It is really invasive and 5s is way too long and disrupts so much of the TV viewing experience. 

We dont want to use any of the freeview plus stuff to be honest, just want to watch tv... We use the freeview app on our tablet as a guide as it is really easy to use and see what is on at any time without disrupting what is on the TV at the time.


If you wish, you will need to turn off the internet (or disconnect) it using the TV or Set Top Box settings which will be in their own manual, this will revert the original banner without the mini Guide appearing every time.

The suggestion of including the turn off feature will be noted down. It might be nice to test try FreeviewPlus, who knows you may just enjoy it?

Thanks for your comments, Regards Joshua

Hi Josh, I have the same issue on my Sony TV. My question is, what kind of pre-release testing did Freeview undertake before releasing an upgrade with a bug that affected all FreeviewPlus TVs? How was it not picked up?

I would like to second Rebecca's request to add an option to turn the miniguide off. If the UI wasn't so clunky and slow it might be helpful.

Please allow us to turn off the mini guide, whilst I like the new system, I HATE the fact this guide pops up in every channel change, if I push EXIT and not RETURN on my Samsung remote I get the box over and over.  really annoying.. you should be letting customers decide if they want these features, please allow us to turn it off, I don't need it and would like to turn it off..


Hi Mark

The issue was heavily reported earlier this evening, and through another forum, All testing is made months in advanced and is tested on all FreeviewPlus approved devices. The issue seems to have disappeared now after 2 hours of running the units I have here.

I'll pass this through to the technical team for suggestion regarding the UI and the option to have this turned off.


Hi Greg

Pressing Exit, OK, Up and Down keys will wake up the Mini Guide.
Some users have a 30 second timeout, you will need to go into the FreeviewPlus settings to change the duration that the mini guide appears for, There is no option to turn this off and all suggestions and requests are noted down for the team to look into it.

Thanks, Joshua

to be honest, the built in system by LG is very slick and works very well. The mini guide now interferes with normal remote usage for other options of the tv. I don't want the mini guide at all as default. Please remove.

Hi there,

Heard that the 'black box' issue is gone, call out if you're still seeing it.

Mini Guide Pop-Up

You can change how quickly it goes away by going to MENU > SETTINGS (the gear icon as Josh mentioned), set it to 5 seconds.

Will pass on your feedback & calls for an option to turn it off.

Remember to press Return or Back to hide it, not Exit!

Thanks Bel. When can we expect an update that will let us turn the mini-guide off?

Not sure Mark, will pass this on but not sure when we'll have an ETA.  Best thing to do now is to set the time-out to 5s in Settings.

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