Enjoying On Demand on TV is about to become a whole lot simpler and easier for even more Kiwis
up and down the country, as Freeview New Zealand rolls out FreeviewPlus on their satellite
The first technology of its kind in New Zealand, FreeviewPlus combines all available On Demand
content from TVNZ Ondemand, 3NOW & Māori Television On Demand, with live free-to-air
broadcasts – creating an impressive library of top New Zealand and international content all in one
place, available to enjoy any time, subscription-free.
Available since July 2015 to those living in Freeview|HD coverage areas, and requiring a UHF aerial, FreeviewPlus can now also be accessed via satellite dish – so it’s no longer subject to coverage restrictions, and is available to everyone in New Zealand with a compatible FreeviewPlus device.

Freeview General Manager, Sam Irvine, says Freeview is delighted to now offer FreeviewPlus to all
Kiwis looking to improve their viewing experience. “The TV is the most preferred screen in the home. And On Demand viewing on your TV should be simple. “Our goal with FreeviewPlus is to make On Demand viewing easy and more enjoyable by bringing great On Demand content to your TV, helping Kiwis eliminate those painful streaming setups that are all-too-familiar – squinting at a tiny phone, struggling with a myriad of menus, network
configurations or cords to get streaming videos onto the TV.

“We achieved that for our Freeview|HD viewers in July last year. Extending it onto satellite means
we can now do the same for all New Zealanders – so everyone can enjoy On Demand on their TV
with FreeviewPlus, with just the click of a button.”

The extension of the FreeviewPlus service comes just as Freeview is celebrating another major
milestone, with latest research showing that Freeview is now used in 75 percent of New
Zealand homes – a year on year growth of five percent from 2015.

“It’s great that more Kiwis are opting for subscription-free TV with us, and it’s encouraging to see
results like this almost 10 years after we first launched. In an increasingly competitive and crowded
landscape, this continued growth shows that Freeview is a preferred option for New Zealand TV

“Part of that comes down to our compelling proposition - 98 of the top 100 programmes are
available on our platforms. And with innovative new technologies like FreeviewPlus, we’re also
continually working with our shareholders - TVNZ, MediaWorks, Māori Television and other
broadcasters, as well as leading manufacturers - to deliver what viewers want.” Irvine concludes.

Satellite-compatible FreeviewPlus TVs & MyFreeviewPlus recorders are now available from leading
brands and electronics stores nationwide.

Visit www.freeviewplus.co.nz for a list of models and tips on getting FreeviewPlus.


At the time of publishing the approved satellite devices are:

satBox S8200 from Dish TV

ALL Hybrid (Terrestrial and Satellite) SMART TVs

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EPG Issue-Timaru 23 NOV: Some Timaru customers are reporting missing EPG information and in turn can not record. This issue is being looked into (1.48pm).


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