FreeviewPlus is here and with FreeviewPlus ready equipment you will be ready to go with more entertainment options!

I have created this thread to allow you to ask questions, require assistance, clarify confusion and more about FreeviewPlus. Manufactures may reply to some equipment specific questions/queries

FreeviewPlus info can be found here


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Thanks for the reply and info. I will let you know how we get on. (see above).

Thanks David, make sure you have your UHF aerial and broadband connected to the KDL43W800C.  

Hey Joshua - Congratulations on all your trouble shooting.

It's fantastic to read all your solutions.

But how about all the SUCCESS stories? there must be HEAPS of them. Where are they?

Tell us how we can see all those SUCCESS stories of all the people who are now enjoying Freeview PLUS in NEW ZEALAND.

We want to hear about their success! and how they achieved it.

Please Joshua, just give us the link where we can enjoy their SUCCESS stories!

Thank you

Hey AlbertJack

Thanks for your comments! They do help and encourage!
You could ask on this forum for success stories?

Regards, Joshua


That is something I could get someone to note that down, some retailers do not have a UHF aerial feed connected to enable a FreeviewPlus demo but that is something I could pass along to retailers.

Cheers! Josh

As per my other post, I'll pass a note to some retailers.

Cheers, Joshua

We had problems with our Sony 43W800c not being able to receive  Freeview Plus. A phone call to Sony service centre fixed things easily - there should have been an Interactive Apps menu on the Digital Tuner set up option in Settings. The app wasn't there so we did a complete reset of the TV and the app had installed on reset and Freeview Plus is now working. No problems. Thanks for the information and advice.

Hi David,

Thanks for letting us know regarding your TV, I'll note this down, as a reset would enable the HbbTV (FreeviewPlus command) setting,

Enjoy FreeviewPlus!

I have a Sony KDL-50W800C. I did an update on the weekend, now the FreeView plus "popup" has changed slightly, it says to press the green button now, not red. And the mini guide pops up on every channel now (at the bottom), and we often get stuck with a "loading" banner on the middle of the screen that won't go away. Wonder if it's just me. I've only got ADSL, so wondering if maybe it's getting stuck loading something.
I've gone into the digital tuner options and turned off the interactive guide (I think it was called that), so the mini guide does not display now, but also I can't access FreeView plus now.
The performance of FreeView plus is pretty bad, I haven't made it through a whole show yet, after 10-15 minutes it just buffers and never resumes. Steaming via Sky Go or other online services are fine, cricket was smooth for about 3 hours on Sunday.

Hi Gareth,

Could you please send us a pic of the following?  Thanks!

1. The pop up that says to press the green button

2. The mini guide pop up (at the bottom)

3. The 'Loading' banner that won't go away

Also interested to know which shows you had trouble playing back if you recall them let us know.  Thanks again.

I've tried Fair Go and 7 Days, couldn't get to the end of both.
Is ADSL 'supported'? I can't find a level of broadband required, so assuming any speed should work.
I'll try get the pictures tonight.


Thanks Gareth, yes adsl should be ok. Here's an faq about speed requirements :
Will pass on playback info to Tech, see if they can replicate and check the streams (there have been a few encoding issues causing some videos to not playback properly which the broadcasters are investigating with their service provider).
Thanks in advance for pics about those 3 other things if they're still happening.

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