FreeviewPlus is here and with FreeviewPlus ready equipment you will be ready to go with more entertainment options!

I have created this thread to allow you to ask questions, require assistance, clarify confusion and more about FreeviewPlus. Manufactures may reply to some equipment specific questions/queries

FreeviewPlus info can be found here


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Hi Tessa

Make sure you are connected to the internet, sometimes the settings may toggle themselves off.


I don't want to know WHAT FreeviewPlus can do.

I don't want to know HOW FreeviewPlus can do what it does.

I just want to know WHEN, WHEN, WHEN FreeviewPlus will be available in NZ.

Clearly the "coming in August" is almost a joke.

so WHEN, WHEN, WHEN - in NZ, in particular WHEN in AUCKALND ?????????

Does anyone know WHEN?

Hi Albert

FreeviewPlus has been in New Zealand since July 1st first coming into set top boxes then rolling out to TVs and MyFreeview PVR's.

I guess you are wanting to find out about when your TV will have FreeviewPlus and wondering about any firmware release to enable this. Please contact the TV manufacturer for any further updates on the FreeviewPlus rollout, however I will get someone else from Freeview to respond to your question directly.

Kind Regards

I'm still wondering the same thing too. When I approached sony they said it was a freeview issue. We only bought the tv we did to get freeview plus and thought it was just going to work once it was launched. So its pretty annoying its been 2 months and it still isn't working!

Thanks for your response Joshua.

I'm thinking of getting a new TV, but there's NO WAY I'm going to buy one that's claimed to be FreeViewPlus COMPATIBLE (Whatever that means) before I can see it demonstrated.

I've visited several retailers and asked. Some of the sales assistants just don't seem to know what they're talking about. Others have told me they're "waiting for new software (firmware) to be released.

Perhaps you can tell me exactly WHERE I can see FreeviewPlus working LIVE this weekend?

Kind regards


It seems from what I have read in these forums that a significant number of people are having nothing but bad experiences from the new and much-hyped FreeviewPlus service. Little wonder . From my own experiences with the On-Demand services from both TVNZ and Mediaworks  they really are on a hiding to nothing -  the problem being that the apps that both these outfits use to implement these services just plain DONT WORK! You only have to go to Google Play Store and see what people think of these apps. Sadly there seems to be very little resolve from either of these organizations to do anything about fixing them. Believe me - I've pursued these issues with them and all I've got is vague "piffle" about "DRM" and "protecting distributors rights" . All of which is not to deny that the concept behind FreeViewPlus is a good one but it appears to me that it is not getting the support it deserves in certain quarters.

Afternoon Mike

The issues raised in this discussion is relating to the compatibility of FreeviewPlus for the already FreeviewPlus compatible Televisions, there are confusions between the manufacturers and consumers with each brand as to when an update will be made available to enable FreeviewPlus.

The platform used to play TVNZ Ondemand and 3Now are different to those used on a website or through your mobile tablet device, most customers from Dish TV products which have the apps and FreeviewPlus already enabled are enjoying the new FreeviewPlus features. I am looking on other forums too and there is a slight confusion with the FreeviewPlus apps and the standard already established apps on a smart device or Smart TV. 

The rollout of FreeviewPlus to Sony, Samsung, Panasonic will continue till later this year and that all depends on their approval and reliability with testing.

It's best to speak to the manufacturer themselves regarding the rollout of FreeviewPlus on specific models and set top boxes

I hope this information provides useful, let me know if you need any further information :-)

Kind Regards, Joshua

I've been in to retailers who have sworn that Freeview Plus is already running and performing well.

Ask them where you can actually see it running, and they say "just buy a Smart TV and you'll see it".

Yeah, right!  Haha. As if!

Let the retailers keep their new TV s on their shelves until they can actually demonstrate FreeviewPlus actually working. Meanwhile, my money stays in my pocket.

Hi, just adding to seemingly ongoing Freeview plus dilemma...

We've just bought a Sony KLD43W800c, expecting it to be Freeview Plus approved and capable. Freeview Plus didn't work after TV set up and after a bit of looking around here I see no-one has had success in getting it to work on their TV. Question is... has anyone got it working? Has anyone seen it demonstrated in stores (no one could show it working where I bought the TV from, didn't have a UHF aerial connected). And how do I get Freeview Plus to working on my new Sony TV. Thanks for the help... And I will let you know when I get a decent reply from Sony.

We have the sony KDL43W800C model and freeview plus finally started working for us about a month ago. Have you updated the software on the tv since you set it up? It was a software update that got it working for us. When we turn the tv on, after a few seconds a FreeviewPlus logo flashes up on the left hand side of the screen telling you to push the red button on the remote to launch it. This is a bit buggy though, sometimes it doesn't come up right away and I have to change channel and wait a bit. I suspect its a combination of the application being a bit skow, but also our internet connection. Seeing as you have to be connected to the internet for it to work, if your connection is slow, or takes awhile to connect once the tv is turned on, it can take awhile to launch! Good luck.

I finally had an answer from Sony and they said that our model, was not capable and only models 800 and up where. Frustrating! And that they did not have any plans to make it work in the near future. So we took our tv back to Noel leeming and they swapped it for a Panasonic. It's now all working which is great.
You can only open the tvnz app when you are on tv1 or tv2 and the 3now app when on tv3. And it's very slow to open. And when you are in the app it quite slow. Then when watching tv shows it's a bit clumsy when the ads come on (you can hear the tv channel in the background when it's loading) and it always skips back to the beginning of the show for 2secs before going to where you are up to in the show. But other than that it's been handy not having to watch the shows on my phone.

Thanks for the reply and info. I thought we had set everything up correctly, internet is connected, software up to date, channel tuning done. I will try again, and keep on at Sony. We've only had the new Sony a couple of days, we had a KDL40W700c but upgraded to the 800c when we realised that we weren't going to get Freeview Plus.

And I will update this. Thanks.

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