FreeviewPlus is here and with FreeviewPlus ready equipment you will be ready to go with more entertainment options!

I have created this thread to allow you to ask questions, require assistance, clarify confusion and more about FreeviewPlus. Manufactures may reply to some equipment specific questions/queries

FreeviewPlus info can be found here


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It actually seemed much better last night. I turned Digital Tuner\Interactive Application Setup\Auto Start Application" on last night and the mini guide (attached photo) shows up for 5 seconds (I set it to that, down from 30 I think), and I only saw the loading 'banner' once, and it disappeared after a few seconds. I also wasn't getting the FreeviewPlus 'ad' floating in from the left telling me I can press the green button to activate. (so no photo of that)

The new menu\system seems to work much much better. I pressed the green button, it loads a screen showing "featured, tv, movies, on demand", I chose On Demand\TVNZ and watched 800 Words (42 minutes) all the way through, the ads didn't load, just black screen for about 20 seconds, but that was ok. Red button opens the mini guide at bottom of screen.


That's great to hear, thanks so much Gareth.  

Will pass on to the broadcaster that ads weren't loading.

Hey just wondering if you'd like to be part of our small Delta Group for future releases?  You'll get a heads-up about what's changing and if you could check to see things are working ok / let us know if not.  

This is just so changes can be tested in the real world immediately after release to capture and help the FreeviewPlus dev team iron out any unexpected minor bugs quickly.  

While they do test it to death pre-release, there're some real-world factors that can't be replicated in the test environment so the quicker we can get real-world user feedback to them, the faster they can get onto tinkering and fixing.


Cheers, you're in.

Evening, have just purchase My Freeview Plus, does ne one know if we are able to set recordings etc while away from online.,


Hi Jamie,

It depends if you have a FreeviewPlus recorder (MyFreeviewPlus) or not, the Dish TV aerialBox T2200 does recordings on live TV, you can simply book via the Freeview EPG and let it record, no need to stay online.  If you are looking at remote record (Where you can book shows to record via a smartphone, then this not viable yet, but best to talk to the manufacturer)

Enjoy FreeviewPlus and let me know if you any further info or help :-)

Regards, Joshua

why did I have to put up with a "win a $500 prezzy card banner" on every channel last night?

Hi Leslie, it's an offer to take part in providing feedback about how you watch TV. What's the model & brand of your TV? And if you turn off your TV/box, it should go away. It'll only appear 3 times, on the 3rd display, you can press the Blue button on your remote to hide it forever.

Regards, Joshua

So who is the prezzy banner coming from? Freeview? or a specific channel?

It sounds like a new form of Spam HBBTV adverts?

Yes the banner is coming from Freeview, we simply would like to hear from users about FreeviewPlus, once you press the blue button to hide you will not see the banner again.


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