FreeviewPlus is here and with FreeviewPlus ready equipment you will be ready to go with more entertainment options!

I have created this thread to allow you to ask questions, require assistance, clarify confusion and more about FreeviewPlus. Manufactures may reply to some equipment specific questions/queries

FreeviewPlus info can be found here


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Hi Tessa

In order for FreeviewPlus to be activated with your compatible TV or set top box please check the following:

  • You will need to connect to the Internet and UHF aerial, most 2015 FreeviewPlus TVs and devices have WiFi built in, please consult the iManual or manufacturer website if you are having issues on connecting to your internet modem

  • Your TV might be listed as compatible but is probably going to receive FreeviewPlus in the next month or two. Check for a software update to see if updating your TV/Product will get FreeviewPlus activated.

I hope this helps :-)

Regards,  Joshua

Has anyone actually got FreeviewPlus working on a Sony yet?

Nope not yet. I've emailed sony to find out what the go is. But i gather they might need to release a software update for it to work.

Sony finally got back to me and they got me to check the software version and we did a reset and a few other things on the Telly. None that's worked, then they said go back to freeview.

So not to sure what to do next. Still think Sony need to update there software as that seems like the only thing that's going to change anything?

SONY customer reps shouldn't direct customers to Freeview regarding their own software and products for FreeviewPlus.

It looks like you may need to wait for SONY to come with a software update I suggest waiting till the start of August, some release schedules indicate that end of July and start of August will be when products will be enabled for FreeviewPlus.

I do apologise for the confusion and the unclear information, I will have a chat to Sony myself about clarifying

Kind Regards, Joshua

Sony have replied to my email and also stated that its up to freeview. This is what they said:

"At the moment, we don't have information as to when your TV model will be able to access FreeviewPlus. Although its compatible, Sony has no control regarding the access to FreeviewPlus service. In other words, Freeview have to like certify a certain model first regardless of brand.

Freeview is currently working on some 2015 Sony TV models (and other bands) to access FreeviewPlus. You can find this information in the link below.".

The model of our tv is on the list at that link.

The latest firmware update from Sony for my KDL-50W800C (July 8) did not introduce FreeviewPlus, even though the update made mention of "Improves performance and stability of the HbbTV features".

Hi D'Arcy and Gemma,

you'll see the models that are listed on are still pending apprvoal - this means the models must be fully tested to ensure they comply with tech specs before FreeviewPlus is enabled on them.  I understand that Freeview is working with Sony to make that happen asap and ETA is later this month or August.

Hope that helps! 

Great thanks Bel. That information is an update from what was there previously, which listed several models as ready to go. I wonder when that was updated.

Hi, I have now seen the freeview plus logos pop up on my screen with the red box for TV & green one demand box, but it disappears before i do anything and does not seem to come up again when changing channels again.

Any suggestion on what this means and how I can get it working all the time?


Hi Tessa

FreeviewPlus is still available even if the banner is gone, just simply press

Red: FreeviewPlus Guide
Green: OnDemand Service of that channel/broadcaster.

Some channels without an on demand service will only have the option for you to show the FreeviewPlus Guide

I hope this helps,


Thanks for your quick response. I have tried pushing the red & green buttons on all the channels and nothing happens!

And I don't see the logos come up again.
It seems a bit weird.

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