Johnston Dick  & Associates (JDA) is pleased to announce that a proposal to upgrade the program linking system into Nelson for the Freeview Terrestrial Digital TV service has been approved by the majority of broadcasters using the service and is expected to be implemented by the end of July this year.
The upgrade will bring the program from Blenheim into Nelson by optical fibre buried in the ground instead of by the existing microwave radio links located on hilltops.  The microwave system has suffered from atmospheric fading over the record breaking hot, dry summer of 2013 leading to frequent impairment to the service as many viewers will have noticed.  While such unusual weather is impossible to predict, it obviously can happen again.  A new opportunity has become available to deliver the Freeview Terrestrial Digital TV service to the Nelson region and JDA will take advantage of it.
While optical fibre is vulnerable to being accidentally dug up by farmers or contractors, such incidents are rare and once the upgrade is complete we expect the service to be robust and viewers should be able to enjoy uninterrupted services with very few outages.  The existing microwave linking will be kept as a backup to the new fibre link.

 Viewers should keep in mind that equipment failures, power outages, etc  can be expected occasionally and no service is available 100% of the time however we anticipate that outages will be very infrequent once the new linking system goes live.

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