Freeview has been with us for quite some time now.

All the broadcasters should be very familiar with the system and how to load up the EPG etc. It all should be business as usual.

So if this is true,  why do we still get:

  • Occasionally getting 'Would you like to record the whole series' message when scheduling a program to record, and that program is obviously a single event. (e.g. Movie or one off documentary)
  • Why PrimeTV cannot put the Parental Rating (PGR AO etc) into the proper Freeview field. They mostly just add it to the program synopsis. Sometimes they have it in both places. That is OK, but there are times where the two ratings are different!!!!
  • Program titles cut off in mid word when there is plenty of space for the entire text.
  • Program descriptions that are too long to be displayed and get cut off in mid sentence.
  • EPG not updated when broadcasters change their schedules. (Sometimes days in advance)
  • Broadcasters seem to have a dislike of using (R) for a repeat of a program. Some love using 'All New' for some new content, but as they are not consistent it becomes a bit meaningless.

I could go on. Bored now!

The digital switch over is well behind us so maybe the Freeview dudes could undertake some training of the broadcasters and maybe come up with some standards of entering data into the Freeview EPG.

Freeview should be a service aimed at the NZ TV viewers and I, like many others, would appreciate some consistency and attention to detail in maintaining the EPG. It can't be that hard!

< End of Rant >>>


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A good rant and I agree. It's time the whole EPG process was reviewed and sorted out.

I get really annoyed at the time it takes to load the EPG. On rare occasions it will load instantly but most times you could make a cup of tea while it's loading. Nor con you rely on it being accurate as it is so infrequently updated by the broadcasters who don't seem to care. I guess all they are interested in is their advertising revenue. This last few weeks seem to have been plagued by a few programs starting up to 3 minutes early too.


Yes, yes, yes. I forgot about the early start of some programs. My PVR is always set to record 1 minute prior to the scheduled start time and even then I have missed the start.

We are lucky that the broadcasters do not run Bus or Train schedules otherwise we would be missing our rides.

I guess that is why we have a 'G' in EPG, and not a 'T' or 'S' for Timetable or Schedule.

In this day and age of digital content there is no excuse for programs not starting on time. (Unless delayed by a live broadcast running long or an equipment malfunction.)

Darn it. I am ranting again.


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