I am having issues with the Freeview EPG. When I select a programme to record I get the "R" symbol as expected, but I also get the "R" symbol next to the same programme on the 1-hour delayed channel. Ordinarily this is not a problem unless I also want to record a different programme on a different channel at or during the period covered by the delayed channel. For example, if I set to record "Race Across The World" at 20:30 (finishes at 21:45) on TVNZ 1, it also selects it on TVNZ 1+1 at 21:30 but does not record it at that time. Then when I try to set it to record "Station 19" on TVNZ 2+1 at 22:35, I cannot select it but get a message that says "This programme will be recorded at an alternate time as you cannot record any more programmes during this time slot". Of course, there is no alternate time slot as this is already on the later 1-hour delayed channel. Why is this the case and is there a fix or work around?
I am using a Veon SAT 101 Freeview receiver.

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