DishTV satBox Ultra s7090PVR : Problem with Copying/Moving Recorded Files onto an External Drive. [SOLVED]


The  list of recorded programs has recently disappeared from my satBox LIBRARY.

Also when I switch the unit on from the wall switch, a message comes up that 'device is corrupted & is repairing'. after 5-10 minutes I can change channels etc.

I phoned the dishTV technical helpline & was given the advice to reformat the hard-drive & lose all my recordings. I saved all these programs to share with my grand children during the upcoming winter.

As my manual spells out the steps to copy or move files to or from the satBox, to or from an external hard drive, I followed its steps.    I know the files are there as in 'LIBRARY' I'm advised that '84% of my drive is used'. And,Going- MAIN MENU - CONNECTIVITY - MEDIA CENTRE , I get the full list & can play each item on the small screen in this mode. However I cannot open full screen or fast-forward etc. - not ideal.

So I formatted an external drive to FAT32 to move my recorded files to it.

I then plugged in my external drive & went to - MAIN MENU - MEDIA MANAGER - FILE TRANSFER.

Then I selected FILE TRANSFER & was asked to chose from 2 menu options. I chose 'SATA to USB' then pressed the YELLOW BUTTON to MOVE the files.

First two tries told me this action was 'prohibited', but on the third try something was happening. A 'thumbnail' screen came up and a recording counter appeared next to the USB icon. I left it all on overnight as the megabyte count was steadily going up, albeit painfully slowly.

This morning I disconnected the drive & found no recording has taken place.

What is the problem, why was it 'prohibited'?

I think it's also long over-time for an upgrade of the User Manual, so that I could follow easily all the things the satBox can be configured for.

How have others solved this problem?


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Hi Lorna 

Thanks for your post and thanks for troubleshooting this with the support line. I'm sorry that the process is a little confusing and that you are getting the error message. 

I will contact the tech and see if he can troubleshoot this on our test products on our end. I will get back to you on further progress. 

Kind Regards
Dish TV Support

Hi Lorna 

I have spoken with the tech and would like you to provide the firmware version of your S7090PVR so we can track whether it has old hardware which can be updated. 

We would like to have a look at it, If you can private message me your address I can send a return ticket out to you to send to us. 

Kind Regards
Dish TV Support

Hi There,

I'm liking your fast responses!

Here is a screenshot of my current software. If I understand correctly it is  'DishTV firmware upgrade   V 1.6f.exe '  I got it off your website as I turn all my stuff off at the wall when I'm not using it, so no overnight upgrade.

I was also very interested by your discussion with Hamish re 'Press the INFO button twice' to look @ Quality & Signal, -New investigation ability to me - reinforces my comment that if DishTV publishes a new, full option Manual, that would be great!

 Because I have never been able to view Prime since the digital change over, ( Even after installing available updates, then rescanning & also  rechecking the dish & LNB focus up on my roof),  I have been collecting info. to discover whether I need a bigger dish &/or new LNB, & this info. is very revealing of the Prime problem.

When I click to Prime, I get the channel (10) & most of the audio, but only about 30 colour blocks which are unchanging. Last night was an all-time low with a black screen & some audio.

So I checked the Signal Strength (SS) & Signal Quality (SQ) on my channels & found that all the channels showed SS 80% & SQ 38%, but Prime showed SS 80% & SQ 10%.

People have mentioned  problems -all of which I have experienced with my DishTVs7090PVR,  like :

'Programs Not Recorded',

Erroneous 'Series Ending Now' alerts 

'Corrupt Hard-drive -Wait While it is Being Repaired' 

Missing 'Recorded Program List'. 

I have put these problems down to immature software & transmission problems that will improve over time. But I want to know how to get around these problems, not lose my recordings & be able to watch Prime (there are some decent programs showing ).



Hi Lorna 

Thanks for providing this info, You will need to manually install the new update as we are not transmitting the Over The Air Upgrade. You can download the easy installation guide here 

In Regards to Prime

You will need to adjust your Satellite Dish LNB (The machine at the front) as Prime is carried on a different frequency than most of the other Freeview Channels, This page will be able to help you with aligning the LNB to correctly receive channels 

I suggest updating your unit first to see whether you can successfully transfer files if you need any help in regards to how to do this then please let me know and I will be happy to do so :-)

Kind Regards
Dish TV Online Support

You don't get Prime due to your dish alignment needing a tweak or your  LNBF is failing. hence your your low signal quality readings.

Would be best if you got a tech to come and adjust it.

Now have installed the update, got my Library back, copied titles to a powered USB hard drive which I reformatted to FAT32. Hooray!

Have been up on my roof & found my dish is only 56cm & is out a bit, (or has shifted) for my location. Well on the way to being sorted. I'll get a bigger dish & a new LNB, will be right for years then.

Cheers, Thanks

Thanks for letting us know how you got on :-) We are pleased to hear the update has allowed you get going again. 

Dish TV Online Support


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