I currently have two DishTV S7070 boxes, one has 81% signal strength 100% Quality, the other has 44% signal strength 100% Quality. Thinking it might be the cables, I swapped the boxes over, but the signal strength moved with the box. The picture is definitely "fuzzier' on the lower strength box on both TV's. I have a 90cm satellite dish and have had the alignment checked - all good, cables are RG6. Reset factory defaults and rescanned channels, no change. So it appears to be the box itself. Has anyone else had this issue? Also, What is the actual difference between the 'cheaper' and 'expensive' boxes on the market, or are you just paying for the "brand"? 

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probably an internal power supply fault, maybe struggling with 3v instead of 5v internally

Hi Kevin,

It definately sounds like you have a fault in that receiver. Check your model number again because the 7070 is quite an old model now, replaced by the 7070r 2 - 3 years ago, then call DishTV on 0800DISHTV and they'll be able to help you.

The difference between cheaper and expensive receivers can be :-

1. The expensive receiver has a lot more features, or an internal hard drive, etc.

2. The components in the expensive receiver are a lot better quality, and so are more reliable.

3. Someone's ripping you off!!

Cheers, Bill.

Thankyou gentlemen, I think it's time to update, I don't really consider myself being ripped off, I've had them for a over couple of years now and really was quite happy until I got the "big screens", where the difference was more noticeable. Any Brand recommendations for a new box(es)?

anything with 2 tuners,hard drive and  DVB S2  orHD capable 

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