What is the advantage of freeview?

I find that you cannot get that many more channels.

I am new to this forum, so please be kind.

Dineke Kleyn

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Hey Dineke :) The real advantage I find of freeview is you get the extra channels (including TV1 and TV3 1 hour delayed so if you miss something you can watch it later) And Also You get better sound and better pictures. On Newer High Definition Tv's You can get an extreamly clear picture, you can see every detail (Its nearly lifelike) Plus on freeview there is much more capability to have more channels in the future, And the picture is always really clear, as it is digital, (you will never get any of that old fuzzyness ever again)

Hope I helped,

Blake Bedford-Palmer

It depends what Freeview option you choose. for example Freeview HD viewers can get a mix of local and nationwide channels while Satellite users can get nation-wide channels and not regional channels. 

The capacity of the Satellite has limited bandwith. whislt Freeview HD has a bit more to contain channels. 

Hi Dineke,

All the old "analogue" TV transmission equipment in NZ is 25 years old and needs replacing, so Freeview is a "digital" replacement for all that old gear.

So we are getting everybody switched over to the new Freeview systems so they can then progressively turn off the old analogue equipment.

That's why Freeview started, but it does have a lot of advantages over the old analogue system it is replacing, just like the others have mentioned.

Cheers,    Wild Bill.



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