Yestrday and this morning when I turned my telly on at about 7am I was randomly going through the channels when I noticed that between channel one and  channel 29 the screen had this on it 800 MHEG IC test channel. Can anyone tell me what that means?? We've been waiting ages for some info from Sommet Sport and wondered if this had anything to do with it. Sommet Sport are now not replying to e mails sent them. Not a good look.


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Hi Jo, This test channel has always been showing, at least it always has on my old stb. I now also have a new stb ((Dish TV brand) and it doesn't show up on that one. Sorry that it is not anything to do with Sommet - we are all frustrated by the complete lack of info on this new channel in regards to start dates, programs and availability,



Yes Patrick it is frustrating, particlularly since they now no longer seem to be answering e mails. Thinking that this channel may not even happen.

I have sent off an email to Sommet first thing today - no reply!

Looks like you are correct sadly

Hi Jo

Thanks for your email.

We are not launch today as we have had encountered a problem which has prevented this.  We are doing all we can to get on air as quickly as possible.  We are in the process of working out our launch date and once we have established this we will let you know which should be either tomorrow or Monday. 

Just received this e mail. Someone at Sommet Sports must read the emessages on Freeviews FB page. At least it got a response.

Yes, I got a response this afternoon, same as yours - word for word

HI there Jo, for interest , what brand of TV do you have and what area are you in - Cheers Robert

Sony / Bravia. Live in the Taranaki area.


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