We are having trouble with freeview not recording sometimes. These times coincide with the times we have been using Aaple TV. We use a HDMi selector that connects to the TV, where freeview is in slot one and Apple TV is in slot Two. Is there any reason why freeview would not not record just because we have used another device on the HDMI selector? I can't see why it would but it seems freeview is playing up again. Please let me know if you have any clue on this. Thanks.

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I don't think it should be the selector, have you tried recording with the HDMI Cable going straight into the TV?

Yes when we first had to get freeview it was connected directly to the TV. There was no problems with recording . Then when I got Apple TV I had to get the HDMI selector so both HDMIs could be plugged in ready for use. Now when we have the recording set on freeview and watch something via the Apple TV, it sometimes upsets the recording for later that night and the programmes are not recorded even thoigh the Apple TV is turned off, but plugged into the same HDMI selector as the freeview box. I might move rhe Apple TV HDMI to number four in the selector unit and see if that makes a difference but i don't see why it would! When I use the HDMi remote to change from two to one, from Apple TV to freeview, the green light on the freeview box blinks but that may be to indicate it is now 'connected', but I really don't know!

is there a button or 2 on the apple remote that the freeview recorder is responding to?

I had similar issues . I disabled the Bravia Link for HDMI in the Sony TV !!

some hdmi signalling was going on    also upset the BD player !

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