OMG why is Freeview so bad tonight???

Always when the good movies or programmes you want to watch are on.

Should be a fine for Freeview when we lose signal for something that we were made to have and not by choice!!!!

Been well over an hour now that there's no signal.


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Hi Richard, 
Overtime the equipment such as your antenna or satellite dish falls out of alignment for the direct line of sight of the correct Freeview transmission path, causes vary and could be weather related such as strong winds, snow fall and rain. A lot of the reported problems we receive about reception are usually linked to how the set up has been done at the viewers home. 

There is no issues reported in Rotorua overnight, any issues that are logged with the Transmission Provider are published on the Network Status Page: 

I would recommend; looking at your aerial and see if it has become loose or if there are prongs or cables that need attention, usually a quick screw in place should fix the problem and your reception should be rectified, however a installer in your local area would be able to fix this as well as ensure the reception is consistent for future. 

Kind Regards

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