I live in Rotorua and on Saturday Night we lost the Maori Stations, I have retuned my TV and still not picking the Channels up. We have a TV in the room that is on Satellite and that has the Stations but the TV in the lounge which in on UHF dont. There are a few People throughout Rotorua that have lost the Maori Station, Can any one help please

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Have you tried retuning your tv via auto scan?
Maori tv is on uhf frq 38 or 39 or 610.00 or 618.00 mhz
Yes done auto scan,

Hi Maraera

I have had a look at our reports and there are no issues with the transmission of Maori TV in Rotorua. 
It may appear that your UHF aerial is now out of alignment with causes from the winter weather such as Wind and Snow. Loose aerials cause loss groups of channels, if you can get someone you know to align the UHF aerial to the transmitter tower again which will improve overall reception as well as gaining the Maori TV & Te Reo channels. You can also get a local installer to look into this for you. 

Kind Regards

Same problem on my Panasonic TH-55DX here in Rotorua. Auto scan picks up all channels except Maori & Te Reo.    Manual tune looking at CH38  indicates negligible signal strength.  Every other channel indicated signal strength of "10" so it aint my antenna.

Maybe you should be tuning CH39?


Brian Gray said:

Same problem on my Panasonic TH-55DX here in Rotorua. Auto scan picks up all channels except Maori & Te Reo.    Manual tune looking at CH38  indicates negligible signal strength.  Every other channel indicated signal strength of "10" so it aint my antenna.

If you..manually search ch 39(618.00 mhz) should be right
someones left the bit out of network info table so many tvs dont realizes theres a new frq

Nope. Manually tuned CH39.   Sig Quality 10   Sig Strength 9     But doing a search produces no programmes on this channel.

Same issue in Rotorua, multiple devices at two separate houses unable to find Maori TV on a retune. So either we've all got aerial problems only affecting this channel*, or there is a broadcast issue to be investigated.
*With Maori TV being right at the top of the frequencies being used, could some UHF aerials not be able to receive?

Same here, receive all my digital channels via a Panasonic recorder and UHF aerial. Manual retuning pics up channel 39 but can't save it. Automatic retuning finds alll except the new 2 Maori channels. Everything Worked fine before! Who is responsible for this mess?Can nobody explain and better still fix the situation?


Interesting problem. If you can't get Maori TV & Te Reo to work try selecting Channels 804 and 805. I too have a Panasonic Recorder and Maori TV (Logical Channel 5) says they are now in HD and to retune. So I just did a manual retune on Channel 39 (Waiatarua) and found and stored two new channels (Maori and Te Reo). However going back to Channel 5 I still get the message to retune. I decided to step through all the channels with the remote to try and find them and found Maori TV on Channel 804 and Te Reo on 805. Retuning on the Panasonic obviously doesn't store them in the correct Logical Channels. Next thing I might try is to delete all channels and retune all Mux manually to see if that solves the problem.

I tried a retune on my Sony TV the other day and both Maori and Te Reo were found OK and stored in their correct Logical Channels.

It would appear there is a problem with the Panasonic and DishTV  Firmware being unable to sort out the Logical Channel order since the frequency shift?

Having just checked my Panasonic Recorder Manual I found an obscure comment that indicates that after a Manual retune, if the channel number is already occupied then the new channel(s) will be allocated in the range 800 upwards.

Success with my Panasonic BWT720 following my manual retune for Maori and Te Reo.

I went into the setup menu and successfully swapped Ch804 with Ch5 and Ch805 with Ch15 in the Channel List and I now have Maori and Te Reo saved in their correct channels.

So if you have a Panasonic Recorder then to get Maori TV and Te Reo working in the correct channel slots try the following -

Manually tune Ch38 or 39 depending on your location.

In Setup go into Channel list and swap Ch804 with Ch5, and Ch805 with Ch15.

Recording options should now work OK from the EPG

The FW obviously won't do it automatically until such time as a new update is released to fix the problem which I guess is unlikely.

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