We have a UHF aerial and built in Freeview in our LG smart TV.  We have always received all channels until Tuesday night when we just lost TV3 and TV3+1.  We have tried re-tuning, unplugging etc but still no luck.  Has anyone else had this issue?

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We have the same issue with not having service to 3, 3+, 4 & 4+ and 11 since Wednesday. We live in Glenfield area. Have contacted Freeview through Messenger and they suggested Cold retune. Done that and re-tuned and lost all the chanells we didn’t have the service for. Even the On Demand App for Three has gone. We have Panasonic freeview box/recorder and Sony TV. Freeview suggested if we can’t fix it by Cold Retune to call installer to fix the fault.

Oh dear.  

We have had these channels magically re appear on re-tuning earlier this week.

Loss of channels like this is almost always an antenna/cabling fault. It's possible you got water in the coax (heavy rain recently) which reduced the signal on TV3's mux and now it's dried out restoring normal signal strength.

Hi Guys

Loss of channels is a common indication that your aerial and set up will need to be maintained and aligned correctly, as overtime a small shift of the aerial due to wind / and or snow can affect a group of channels. Have a check to see if the aerial is tightened correctly and is directly hitting the line of sight of the transmitter. 


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